What Are Some Common Methods to Get Tree Sap Out of Clothing?


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Common methods to remove tree sap from clothing include using rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer or peanut butter. Commercial solvents, insect repellent and nail polish remover can also get tree sap out of clothes. After using a removal aid, launder clothing as directed on the label.

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Before applying a removal aid to clothing, check the label to determine which product is appropriate for use on that material. Avoid using harsh chemicals on delicate fabrics. Rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer and peanut butter may be safe for fabrics that commercial gunk removers, such as Goof Off, are too strong for. Check for color steadfastness before using nail polish remover, as it may remove some dyes.

Dab or spray the removal aid onto the tree sap. For small areas of sap, apply the product to a cloth, and moisten the sap and the surrounding material. Large sap deposits or stubborn sap should be saturated with the removal aid.

After applying the removal aid, launder the clothing as usual. Use the water temperature and detergent recommended on the clothing label or washer directions. Check to ensure all sap is gone before drying the clothing to prevent the sap from spreading to the inside of the dryer and re-depositing on the clothing. For best results, wash and dry the sap-stained items separately.

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