What Are Some Common Methods for Controlling Groundhogs?

What Are Some Common Methods for Controlling Groundhogs?

Common methods for controlling groundhogs include installing fences, sprinkling blood meal around the garden, planting garlic and getting a large dog. Gardeners can also trap groundhogs and set them free somewhere else.

Groundhogs can burrow under most fences. However, burying chicken wire underneath the fence can help deter them. The wire should be 18 inches to 3 feet deep. Some clever animals can learn how to burrow deep tunnels under the fence, but it works in many cases.

Substances such as blood meal, talcum powder and human hair can serve as deterrents, as the hormones in these substances can scare groundhogs away. However, they usually only work over the short term. Planting garlic around their burrow entrances can also drive them away.

Groundhogs can bite pets when they feel threatened, so pets are not always effective for controlling groundhogs in the garden. However, large dogs can be effective, as they are threatening enough to chase groundhogs away.

Trapping is a very effective method of groundhog control, and it can also be humane. To trap a groundhog, set up some bait in a live animal trap. Vegetables usually make good bait for groundhogs. Take the trap somewhere far away from the house and let the animal go free. Take care when releasing the groundhog, as they can bite.