What Are the Most Common Lawn Problems People in the Suburbs Face?


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Some of the most common lawn problems faced by homeowners in the suburbs include crabgrass invasions, patchy grass and bald spots. Additionally, many homeowners have to deal with brown patches, which are caused by fungal growth due to excessive moisture.

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Crab grass tends to be the most common problem, as it is a very invasive species that can overtake most grasses. A method to get rid of crab grass is to apply corn gluten meal to the soil. Additionally, homeowners dealing with crab grass may use chemical herbicides specifically made for this issue.

Patchy and bald spots can be caused by bad soil or insufficient seeding. Homeowners may test their soil by using kits available at home improvement stores. The results will indicate whether the soil needs to be amended in order to increase or decrease the acidity.

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