What Are Some Common Kenmore Elite Dryer Problems?

Some common Kenmore Elite dryer problems are its inability to effectively dry bulky loads and the chime sound volume is extremely low. Some reviewers also report the control board is unreliable and the dryer door is hard to close.

Kenmore.com reviews are generally positive, but a number of reviewers find that the dryer fails to dry heavy loads and the chime sound is too faint to hear. GoodHousekeeping.com also reports that the dryer takes a long time to dry bulky loads.

ConsumerReports.com finds that the dryer leaves clothes damp and one consumer review reports a faulty control board. Laundry.Review.com finds that the dryer removes only 85 percent of moisture from bulky loads and that there is a design flaw in the dryer door that causes it to bounce open unless it is closed firmly. One consumer review on Sears.com reports that the control board is unreliable.