What Are Some Common Jenn Air Range Problems?

The most common reported problems with Jenn Air ranges are malfunctioning touchpads rendering the range inoperable, the self-cleaning function not operating correctly, the glass top on certain models shattering and some of the brand new cooktops arriving warped. There has also been an issue reported regarding noisy downdraft fans.

Repeated equipment and electronic failure of new appliances within the first few years of use is a great concern, making it one of the biggest complaints regarding these ranges. Many report that the keypad/control function malfunctions and the range is operable only at one temperature when this happens, since users can no longer change it.

Insufficient insulation of electronics from the heat that is produced from the range itself seems to be an issue with many of the Jenn Air stoves. Heat, in the words of many customers, basically fries the oven's electronics. Some examples of this include when electronics have failed after using the heavy self-cleaning function. Repairmen have advised using a medium self-cleaning cycle instead.

Inaccurate oven temperature is another repeated customer complaint. Poor quality of oven parts and accessories is a common observation. Adjustment knobs and controls crack and have to be replaced repeatedly. New enamel can also chip easily.