What Are Some Common Items on a New Home Building Checklist?


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Most new-home building checklists include securing financing, designing a building plan, obtaining permits, preparing the construction site and building the home itself. The checklist should also include a breakdown of construction phases. These include framing; installing windows, siding, doors and roofing; installing plumbing and electrical infrastructure; and finally, completing the interior of the home. New-home building checklists may also include landscaping and, in some cases, moving plans.

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An individual should customize his new-home building checklist to suit his personal needs and situation. For instance, an individual who plans to finance his home should order a credit report prior to applying for financing to ensure that it is free of any errors which may damage credit.

Most new-home checklists include obtaining a building permit and ensuring general liability and workman's compensation insurance are in place for the building company. A checklist should also include the creation of a building plan in collaboration with the builder, potentially with the assistance of an architect. After establishing the building plan, the individual should plan to apply for a permit from his local building inspector's office, establish a realistic timeline for the project in consultation with the builder, and clarify when to work in outside contractors to install plumbing and electricity infrastructure.

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