What Are Some Common Items to Include on a Moving Checklist?

What Are Some Common Items to Include on a Moving Checklist?

Common tasks on a moving checklist include planning the logistics, packing, sending notification of the move and organizing paperwork. If kids and pets are part of the family, the list includes additional tasks to ensure the move is safe and smooth.

The logistics include the time line and the details of how to move. Options for moving include having a moving company do the work, self-packing but letting movers load and unload, doing everything without help or using pod-style containers. The pod containers allow the homeowner to pack the container, which the company then picks up and delivers.

The packing portion of the checklist helps organize how and when to pack various areas of the home. Nonessential items that aren't needed until after the move go early in the checklist time line. The checklist might include each area of the home with a completion date to ensure everything is done. The packing portion of the checklist can also include purging items no longer needed and gathering packing materials.

Notification items on the checklist include submitting a change of address form, contacting companies with the new address and alerting the school to the move. For renters, the notification section should include telling the current landlord about the move. Gathering important paperwork should also go on the checklist.

For families with children, tasks include enrolling kids in the new school district and securing child care during the move. Pets might need to be boarded or have special transportation during the move.