What Are Common Issues With Water Feeders for Steam Boilers?


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The most common issues with water feeders are surging, improper pH, issues with motorized zone controls, improper positioning of the feeder, and bad piping installation around the boiler. All of these conditions can lead to flooding by steam boilers.

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Dirt and oil that build up on the water surface can cause surging. The increased weight can trap steam, causing it to bubble up, or surge, and turn the automatic water feeder on and off unnecessarily. If the pH is too high, the water in the system foams. This dispenses water into the pipes with the steam, and the water feeder replaces it. When the water returns, it overflows.

Over-firing is a similar problem, with too much steam pressure pushing water into the pipes. If the pipes are not installed properly, or if motorized zones do not have bleed valves, they trap water and flood. Incorrect feeder positioning prevents the system from filling properly.

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