What Are Some Common Issues With a Sharp Microwave?


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The most common issues with Sharp microwaves are a short product life span, functioning improperly and a tendency for parts associated with the microwave to crack or disintegrate, according to ConsumerAffairs. The microwave also shows a tendency to vent improperly.

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Chief among the concerns many people list on Consumer Affairs regarding Sharp microwaves is the microwave's malfunctioning well before customers think it should. Most problems seem to occur after the owner has used the microwave for two years, and include issues such as cracking or staining surfaces as well as malfunctioning.

Customers on Consumer Affairs have also reported that a recently purchased microwave does not shut off after performing a task. Other customers have stated that the microwave makes loud popping sounds and flashes when using nothing but plastic containers inside. A few have reported that the microwave begins to fizzle and smoke as though it were on fire. There have also been a few cases of the microwave triggering circuit breakers in customers' homes.

Finally, some customers have stated that the plastic parts that hold the front panel have deteriorated in a matter of months, according to Consumer Affairs. Others report that the glass drawer on certain Sharp microwaves tends to crack and break off in a similar amount of time.

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