What Are the Common Issues With a Raypak Pool Heater?


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Common issues with a Raypak pool heater include units that run but do not supply heat and excessive condensation. A lack of power and noisy operation may also occur in some Raypak pool heaters. One other issue is a Raypak pool heater turning on and off unexpectedly.

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Raypak pool heaters that run but do not supply power may do so because there isn't adequate flow for the heater to function properly. Keeping the water supply at the correct level can help prevent this issue from arising. The ambient temperature of the area may also be responsible for a lack of immediate heat, as systems commonly take up to four days to heat, and a week may be necessary in exceptionally cold weather. Excessive condensation is fairly common in Raypak pool heaters, but users can confirm if this is a sign of leakage by verifying that the condensation lacks chlorine using a testing kit.

A lack of power and intermittent operation may occur due to a lack of proper water levels or improper connection of the power supply to the unit. Digital Raypak pool heaters may begin to operate exceptionally noisily if users do not keep the straining basket clean. Cleaning the straining basket may also help prevent slow or inefficient heating.

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