What Are Common Issues With House Heaters?


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The most common issues with house heaters include dirty or clogged filters, problems with the pilot or ignition control, and broken thermostats. In case of gas furnaces, common problems include the blower not turning off, not producing enough heat and noisy operation.

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The problem with dirty or clogged filters can be remedied by replacing the filters on a monthly basis, which significantly extends the life and proper functioning of the house heater. When a dirty filter restricts the air flow inside the heater, the machine goes through unnecessary strain to circulate the warm air. As of 2015, most modern heaters feature a hot surface ignition or an intermittent pilot as their ignition system. When either of the two malfunctions, the heater is not able to generate an electric spark or use a resistance heating elements to ignite the burner.

The symptoms a heater exhibits when its thermostat is malfunctioning are varied and include intermittent heating, no heating whatsoever or lack of power reaching the fan that disperses the heat within the home. A person can deal with the last issue by changing the settings on the thermostat or replacing the control switch for the fan, but the best way to deal with such problems is to contact a NATE-certified technician and have him conduct a complete diagnostic examination of the heater.

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