What Are Some Common Insecticides?


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Some common insecticides include ready-to-use sprays such as Demon WP Insecticide, as well as dusts such as Delta Dust. Other common insecticides include insect growth regulators such as Scott’s Grub-Ex, in addition to microbially derived pesticides such as Thuricide and Dipel.

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Demon WP is a common professional insecticide that is used to kill ants, cockroaches, crickets and spiders, and it works well on cracks and crevices. Apply Demon WP around buildings, lawns, trees and shrubs. It is also used for athletic fields, parks and industrial buildings. Demon WP is a group of three insecticides, and it contains the active ingredient of 40 percent Cypermethrin.

Delta Dust is a popular insecticide that contains 0.05 percent Deltamethrin, and it is the only waterproof insecticide dust in the world. It is odorless and non-staining, and it works for up to eight months. This insecticide is used for indoor and outdoor settings, as well as ornamental plants. Delta Dust works best on ants, bees, cockroaches, fleas and silverfish. It is also used to control populations of ticks, ladybugs, white-footed ants, pavement ants and boxelder bugs.

Scott's Grub-Ex regulates insect growth by destroying newly hatched pests, such as Japanese beetles and other types of grub worms. It covers 10,000 square feet and only requires one application each season. Scott's Grub-Ex is an outdoor pesticide used on lawns, flowers, ground covers, shrubs and trees.

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