What Are Some Common House Cleaning Products?


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Some basic household cleaning products include window cleaner, household ammonia, general purpose cleaner and mild abrasive cleaners, as noted by Better Homes and Gardens. Chlorine bleach, toilet bowl cleaner, dishwashing liquid, disinfecting wipes and oil soap are also common.

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Window cleaner is good for cleaning windows, mirrors and glass-topped surfaces or for cleaning cooktops and polishing chrome fixtures, notes Better Homes and Gardens. Household ammonia can be used for scrubbing floors, mopping and cleaning walls. General purpose cleaner can clean both the kitchen and the bathroom while mild abrasive cleaners can remove stains and dirt without scratching the surface of tubs or sinks. Chlorine bleach is good for disinfecting, cleaning and laundry while oil soap works for cleaning cabinets and other wood surfaces.

Other household cleaning necessities include microfiber cloths, toilet brushes and scrub brushes, notes Real Simple. A spray bottle, rubber gloves, an old toothbrush and a dry cleaning sponge are also handy supplies for cleaning. A squeegee, broom, sponge mop, dust mop and extendable duster are additional items needed for cleaning.

In addition to these basic supplies, a vacuum cleaner is also a must for homes with carpet. A supply caddy is a cleaning essential that makes it easy to carry supplies from room to room while cleaning.

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