What Are Some Common Heat Pump Repairs?


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Common heat pump repairs include leaking refrigerant, burned-out compressors, bad circuit breakers and bad reversing valves. Some of these repairs can be done by homeowners, but some of them need to be done by repair professionals.

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Leaking refrigerant requires a professional technician to repair. To heat a home, the heat pump must be able to move the heat from the system into the home. This is accomplished with a chemical process. When it starts to leak, the pump loses its ability to perform this process. Anytime that refrigerant is involved, professionals need to handle the issue due to handling and safety issues with the chemical; the leak needs to be sealed and the system refilled to replace the lost material.

Burned-out compressors may be a repair that homeowners can complete, depending on where the repair is located in a particular system. When the compressor burns out, the system is unable to move the refrigerant and cannot complete the heat exchange to heat the home. Grinding noises and loss of heating performance are good indicators that the compressor is out or is about to go out.

Bad circuit breakers are a repair that homeowners can complete if they are comfortable with it. When a circuit starts to go bad, it can cause the heat pump to function incorrectly. The repair can simply involve replacing the circuit breaker. If the breaker is replaced and the unit is still not working properly, there may be a wiring issue.

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