What Are the Common Heat Pump Problems?


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Common heat pump problems include accumulated ice, circuit breaker malfunction, draining problems, non-function and cold air. These problems are the result of weather elements and poor maintenance. Other minor problems include blocked coils, excessive noise, a malfunctioning blower and inadequate heating or cooling.

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The heat pump is used in the summer to cool the home, and in the winter to heat the home. However, during the winter, ice can accumulate on the heat pump and cause considerable damage. When frost builds up on the coils and remains on the heat pump for extended periods of time, the appliance may begin malfunctioning.

Aside from ice, snow and rain can prevent the fan inside the heat pump from functioning properly. Without the fan, the heat pump is essentially useless. Additionally, if the unit blows cold air, a problem with the coolant lines or the compressor may be the culprit.

Another common problem with a heat pump is circuit breaker malfunction. This problem can cause the appliance to appear broken. When the heat pump does not function at all, this is the result of a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Whenever the appliance refuses to power on, there is a problem with how the unit receives power or the unit's thermostat.

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