What Are Some Common Hand Tools Used by Auto Mechanics?


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Some common hand tools used by auto mechanics are hammers, ratchets, pliers, extensions, swivels and bars. Mechanics normally have sets of sockets, screwdrivers and wrenches. Sets include a variety of sizes and types of these tools.

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Screwdriver sets usually include different sizes of flat-head, Phillips and Torx screwdrivers. Socket sets include different sizes of sockets, and come in sets of metric sizes or standard sizes. Extensions and swivels may be included in the socket sets or purchased separately. Extensions increase the length of the ratchets used with sockets. Mechanics attach swivels to ratchets to make it easier to get into smaller places with a socket.

Wrench sets also come in standard or metric sizes for a variety of bolts. Pliers come in different sizes and categories, including regular, needle-nose and locking pliers.

Mechanics using hand tools instead of power tools can need extra help with difficult bolts. Breaker bars are extra-long socket wrenches which allow mechanics to get extra leverage for stubborn bolts. Pry bars can get under and in between parts to pry them open or pry them apart. Hammers, like ball peen hammers or rubber mallets, can give extra force to a pry bar or free up seized parts.

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