What Are Some Common Glassware Patterns for Crystal?

Waterford patterns are some of the most common and popular true crystal patterns, and its Lismore line is particularly widespread. Waterford crystal patterns are noted for their geometric design and deep cuts when compared with the lighter etching of many other companies.

The Rose Point pattern by Cambridge is another common crystal glassware pattern. It features an etched floral pattern, with several options for decorative flaring and other details on the stems of glasses.

There are also more modern crystal patterns, such as the Watercolor line by Marquis. This line is notable for its light coloration and its polka-dot decoration. Orrefors and Kosta Boda have also experimented with more colorful crystal glassware designs. Wedgwood is another popular manufacturer, and it has a popular contemporary crystal glassware line designed by Vera Wang.

Most high-quality crystal patterns have a manufacturer's mark on them that helps with identification. The mark is often located on the base of the glass and may be subtle. A single manufacturer may have several different marks depending on when the glass was produced and whether it is from a special line. Some authentic glasses do not have visible marks, but people can usually still identify them by comparing the pattern to other popular lines. Professional appraisers can also help with identification.