What Are Some Common Gazebo Roof Designs?


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Some common gazebo roof designs include single-tiered octagons, cedar wood octagons, wood rectangles on a concrete slab, and square cedar wood. Other shapes for gazebo roofs are oval, dodecagon, polygon, hexagon and elongated hexagon.

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One choice for a gazebo roof is the polygonal dome roof. This roof has an inverted bowl shape from the inside, which provides a range of aesthetic options but is often expensive because of the level of complexity in constructing a dome roof. Prefabricated dome roofs are often cheaper and make a good option if the prefab fits the structure of the gazebo. Dome roof material options include shingles, metal and glass. Metal requires the least maintenance of the three.

Another popular roof design is the two-tiered roof style. This consists of a smaller roof that rests atop a regular roof to make the gazebo taller. Many people also use the square hip roof design, which gives all four sides of the roof an equal slope and has a peak that falls precisely in the center of the roof.

Most traditional gazebos have wooden roofs that can support shingles to protect it from the rain and sun. Metal roofs are more expensive but tend to last at least 25 years on average.

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