What Are Some Common Gas Generator Repairs?


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Common gas generator repairs include replacing engine oil, air filters, and spark plugs and wires that are no longer producing sufficient spark. Obstructed fuel lines, weak air delivery and issues with the ignition system are all common issues that may impede generator function. Inspecting and replacing worn wires and leaking hoses may also be essential for keeping generators functioning.

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The process of repairing fuel delivery problems involves inspecting fuel levels, ensuring the fuel is free of moisture and other contaminants, and replacing fuel lines that may be suffering from obstructions. Flipping the kill switch while the generator is operating can lead to a buildup of fuel deposits within the carburetor, which can prevent the engine from starting. Such issues are relatively common, and repairs involve tearing down the carburetor for cleaning and reassembly.

Replacing the air filter and ensuring the choke is properly positioned can resolve common issues that may keep the generator from starting or operating properly. Another common repair is to spray small quantities of starter fluid on the inside of the air filter. Testing and replacing spark plugs and wires are further examples of common repairs. Ignition systems that produce a weak spark or no spark at all can prevent combustion from occurring.

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