What Are Common Frigidaire Stove Problems?

Some common problems reported with Frigidaire stoves include inconsistent heat, melting control panels and knobs, self-cleaning cycles not working properly and burns. Some consumers described oven handles breaking, circuit boards warping and even some fires.

Some users have reported different parts of their stoves melting, such as knobs, rear panels and thermometers, according to Consumer Affairs. Other reports have been made about the self-cleaning function either not working or causing stoves to get so hot they resulted in burns or warped stovetops. One user reported the oven door glass shattering during the self-cleaning cycle on Consumer Reports. Both sites have reports from consumers about inconsistent heat in ovens and stovetops. One consumer reported in March 2014 that he has had six parts replaced in the 2 1/2 years since purchasing the stove. Another stated he had replaced a broken oven door handle on three occasions.

Consumers have also reported poor customer service from Frigidaire. Some state that company representatives are unhelpful and do not offer compensation or replacement for defective parts, nor are they willing to admit known problems. One consumer in particular noted a representative blamed salty sea water for rust on the oven, but he lived over 200 miles from the ocean. The representative then stated the rust could be the result of using high heat or improper cleaning chemicals.