What Is a Common Frigidaire Dishwasher Repair?


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A common Frigidaire dishwasher repair is the replacement of the water inlet valve. This valve controls water flow and can cause leaking along with failure to clean. The process to locate and repair an inlet-valve problem depends on the exact Frigidaire dishwasher model.

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Clogs or damage in the inlet valve may prevent the dishwasher from filling correctly. This can lead to a lack of proper water level in the dishwasher or a continual flow of water when it is unneeded. Low water pressure may also cause the inlet valve to malfunction, as it needs at least 20 pounds of pressure for normal operation, according to RepairClinic. There is no standard way to clean or repair a water inlet valve, a malfunctioning unit requires replacement.

Another common Frigidaire dishwasher repair is the replacement of the wash-arm assembly in the washer. These are responsible for ensuring proper distribution of water during the cleaning process, and cracks in an assembly can lead to leaks and improper washing over time. RepairClinic advises to avoid attempting to repair an arm assembly with glue, as no standard glue can hold up to the rigors of regular Frigidaire washer use. Assemblies showing cracks or splits require replacement.

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