What Are Some Common Fire Station Floor Plans?

Fire station plans, such as those from Whole Building Design and Carver Fire, often include fire truck garages, lobbies, training areas and administration areas. Additional features may include kitchens, bunk rooms, two-storey living spaces and bathrooms. Some websites offer free consultation on fire station building plans.

The Whole Building Design website includes among its building attributes space types and building organization and design consideration. The Space Types and Building Organization heading includes a graph of a typical fire station plan from the company, which includes apparatus bay support and vehicle maintenance areas, administrative and training areas and residential areas. The apparatus bay support and vehicle maintenance areas are for the cleaning and maintenance of emergency vehicles, while the administrative and training areas are for offices and conference rooms. Residential areas include dorm rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

The Kistler Buildings website does not show plans, but it lists multi-bay garages, administrative offices, meeting areas, bunk areas and common areas as features of its plans. The website also provides a web contact form to receive free consultation. The website also has a photo gallery of completed fire building projects.

Carver Fire provides a photo gallery of fire station plans, including station exteriors and interior rooms and offices.