What Are Some Common Features on Katrina House Plans?

What Are Some Common Features on Katrina House Plans?

Katrina house plans commonly feature 9-foot high ceilings, front porches, bedrooms and bathrooms. The house plans range from 308 square feet to 1,807 square feet with several cottages having expansion capability. Katrina Cottage offers several plans, including KC 1807, KC 544, KC 1185, KC 936 and KC 308, as of 2015.

The KC 576 plan includes one bedroom, one bathroom and an optional second bedroom. This plan is suitable for persons in wheelchairs. KC 1200 features two stories with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The first floor includes a master suite, a living room and a dining room, while the second features two bedrooms.

KC 544 features two bedrooms and one bathroom and has a living area of 544 square feet. KC 1807 is the largest house in the series with a conditioned living area of 1,807 square feet. This plan features five bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Katrina cottages feature wooden frames, metal roofs, prefabricated panels and fiber cement sidings. With the ability to withstand hurricane winds, the cottages comply with the International Building Code. Katrina Cottages are small, permanent houses and can be put together in a short time.

Following the hurricane Katrina, architect Andres Duany developed the concept for Katrina Cottage. Marianne Cusato was the designer of the first Katrina Cottage.