What Are Some Common Exterior Vinyl Siding Colors?

What Are Some Common Exterior Vinyl Siding Colors?

Some common exterior vinyl siding colors include white, yellow, brown, gray and blue. Among these, white and other light shades are the most common because they go well with the color scheme of most homes.

White vinyl siding is available in cream and antique white variations. Lighter tones of yellow and beige are used to give an effect of more space.

Brown vinyl sidings are available in different shades such as sand and dark brown. Because it is neutral, sand goes well with any trim color, whereas the darker browns are commonly used on bigger houses in combination with light hued trims.

Gray is a common choice in smaller homes. The shade options range from slate gray to frost and silver.

Blues are available in pastel tones as well as in midnight and navy shades. Blue siding gives homes a more modern appearance.