What Are Some Common Electrical Questions and Answers?


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One common question: "what does the GFCI plug do?" The answer is that the GFCI system is a ground fault circuit interrupter, which detects the changes in power coming and coming out of the closed system. Electrical circuits function correctly when the same amount of power goes into and out of the system, and once it detects a difference, it turns the circuit off to prevent damage to the user.

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Another common question is: "Do electricians need an electrical permit to perform work for a client?" The answer is that all electricians need to be licensed with a permit before they can perform work for their clients. Different states may have different licensing requirements and systems, but having one is necessary for preventing legal issues and for marketing the electrician's services.

Permits may cost between $30 and $300, according to Classic Electric. Homeowners and users who plan on doing their own electrical work for their home should also invest in a permit and work on one issue at a time to avoid the need to purchase more than one permit. It is more cost-efficient to add to existing permits than to open one after closing another for more future work.

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