What Are Common Electrical Problems With Whirlpool Dryers?


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As of 2015, some common electrical problems with Whirlpool dryers include thermal fuse failure, not starting at all and no heat. Most problems can be resolved through troubleshooting or contacting a service technician.

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If the temperature of a dryer exceeds normal range, the thermal fuse is triggered, and the dryer shuts down to prevent fire. A dryer may continue to tumble clothes after the thermal fuse has been triggered, but it produces no heat. Thermal fuses can be tested for lack of continuity using a multi-meter power tester. Once a bad fuse is replaced, the initial cause of the trigger must be determined. If the thermal fuse is still working but the dryer does not start, other possible causes to troubleshoot include checking for a tripped circuit in the circuit breaker, and testing the door switch or start switch with the multi-meter tester.

If the dryer is turning but there is no heat, the power supply to the dryer should be checked. A dryer can run when connected to 110-volt power supplies, but it does not heat unless it is connected to 220 volts. If the power supply is not the issue, the heating element should be inspected to make sure there is no break in the heating coils. If no problem is spotted visually, the heating coils can also be tested for continuity with the multi-meter tester.

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