What Does a Common Electric Oven Wiring Diagram Look Like?

common-electric-oven-wiring-diagram-look-like Credit: Last Resort/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Common electric oven diagrams include electrical symbols, wires, tables and some notes. The illustrations sometimes include colored wires and emphasized elements to make the diagram more understandable but usually require a person with experience in electrical installation for interpretation.

Electric oven diagrams can look slightly different, considering the age of the house, because old homes have 240-volt circuits with two hot wires and a ground wire, while new homes typically have four-wire circuits. Nevertheless, the majority of electric oven diagrams today are similar in appearance, because the instructive diagrams can be routinely used by an electrician or well-learned handyman.

Common diagrams may look baffling to a person with no experience in electrical or appliance installation. Parts that are commonly emphasized and noted about include the rocker switch, electronic control base, input piece and surface unit switch. Numbered notes that reference such parts include phrases such as, "All leads with designation numbers that enter common lead path must be traced to their terminations."

A novice who is trying to save money by installing his own electric oven may need to request the help of a professional electrician regarding wiring and electrical installation. Even with the helpful three-column tables with common headers such as "color," "symbol" and "last number used," understanding the diagrams can be difficult.