What Are Some Common Driveway Paint Colors?


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While gray for concrete and black for asphalt are the most common driveway colors, the colors of stain, sealers and paint for driveways range from walnut brown, terra cotta and sand to vibrant options, such as rainforest green, aquamarine and court red. Most driveway coatings come in a variety of standard colors, but the availability of tints and other color additives makes options, such as lavender and mint green, unlimited. Darker colors, however, are typically recommended for driveways.

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Other popular options for adding color and interest to driveways include using epoxy paint for various textures, using saw cuts and stain to create random or faux-tile patterns and adding a driveway border in a contrasting color. Using stencils to create abstract or geometric designs in complementary colors on the driveway is also a popular option.

Experts recommend that homeowners consider their home's exterior and roof colors and the landscaping as well as checking out pleasing color combinations from around the neighborhood when selecting colors for a driveway. Browns, red and forest greens may best complement a home in a lush, wooded setting, while sea blue or sand are good choices for a beach or lakeside home. Different colors can distinguish areas for cars from areas for foot traffic, while using one color to flow from driveway to footpath can tie the two elements together.

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