What Are Some Common Drainage Designs?


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Some common drainage designs for lawns are the grassy swale, dry well system and one that utilizes corrugated tubes. Each of these systems is designed to keep water from puddling and water draining toward the foundation of a structure. The French drain, the most well-known of the lawn drainage designs, generally consists of a wrapped, perforated pipe surrounded by gravel that leads water to a drain, according to Landscaping Network.

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What Are Some Common Drainage Designs?
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The grassy swale drainage design utilizes slight drops in landscape height in order to direct water. The drop can be as little as 1 inch to be effective. This slant can direct water to a drain, notes Landscaping Network.

The dry well system design utilizes downspouts that drain water to an underground well for storage. From there, the water is able to filter slowly to groundwater tables. It can be more cost effective and environmentally friendly drainage design due to its reuse of water.

Some drainage designs use corrugated tubes as add-ons to further direct water where it needs to go. The end of the corrugated tube is placed on the downspout and can be buried. Depending on where the tube is buried, it can disperse water or direct it to a drain. Other designs include the bog area and French drain.

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