What Are Some Common Drain Problems?


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Common drain problems include slow or clogged drains and leaking pipes. It is possible to repair some of these problems on your own but others require calling a plumber.

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Slow moving drains are usually an indication of more serious problems in the future. Eventually, the slow drain becomes a clogged drain and causes backups. In the kitchen, a slow drain could be due to a buildup of grease in the sink trap. Carefully pouring several gallons of very hot water down the drain sometimes clears the trap. Another option is placing a bucket under the trap, removing it and cleaning it manually.

If the drain clogs, a plunger can often open the clog and prevent the cost of a plumbing service call. Pour some dish soap into the drain or toilet before beginning the plunging process to make the clog move more easily. If the plunger does not open the drain, try using a plumber's snake to remove the clog. In the bathroom, use a closet auger in the toilet. It has a special tube to prevent scratching the porcelain.

If the clog is affecting more than one fixture, it is likely in the main drain from the house. These clogs generally require the help of a plumber. If the home uses a septic tank, the clog could indicate it is time for pumping the tank.

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