What Are Some Common DIY Home Repairs?


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House Beautiful magazine describes a number of DIY home repair solutions for common problems, including clogged plumbing, scratched floorboards, cracked plaster and dirty tiles in need of grout. The magazine's online slide show also displays how to fix hanging curtains and paint cabinets effectively.

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Fixing clogged or leaky plumbing, such as for a kitchen or bathroom sink, often simply requires a plunger, screwdriver and wrench, making it an ideal DIY home repair project. Floorboard repair requires similarly common items, such as steel wool and fine-grade sandpaper.

Holes and cracks in a home's plaster walls are commonly painted over, but this is not a permanent solution. Paint cannot adequately fill a hole or crack, thus leading to greater damage over time. Properly filling plaster cracks and holes helps ensure homeowners that they do not need to invest in expensive professional drywall services later on.

Grouting tiles is a simple activity that, while offered by a large number of professional services and companies, is simple enough to be performed at home. Grout is commonly available at home improvement stores and easily installed using conventional tools. The House Beautiful website shows how to install new grout and renovate existing grout without replacing it.

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