What Are Some Common DIY Furniture Repair Supplies?


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DIY furniture repair supplies include replacement seats and cushions, stain and scratch removers, replacement caning, and replacement hardware. Many DIY furniture repair stores also carry items such as steel wool, sand paper, wire brushes, and decorative nails and screws for applying and installing finishes and replacement parts.

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What Are Some Common DIY Furniture Repair Supplies?
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Seats and cushions replace destroyed or decayed seats on chairs with leather, cane or wooden seats.

After removing the old seat, the new seat tacks into place. Many stores offer decorative brass or cast-iron tacks for a more authentic vintage look. These merchants typically carry machine or hand-woven caning as well as unwoven cord for replacing caning on rush backs or seats. Prewoven caning is more expensive than cord but much more convenient.

Stain and scratch removers are distinct from actual wood finishes and stains. These products wipe on to slightly scratched or discolored wood finishes and, after drying, make the imperfections less noticeable. Stain and scratch removers are only effective on minor-to-moderate finish damage; serious damage requires sanding and restaining the object.

Stores may offer replacement hardware, vintage hardware or some mix of both. Vintage hardware gives a more authentic look, but modern reproductions are more affordable. In either case, hardware is usually the most-expensive item when restoring a vintage piece of furniture. Metal aging solutions can add a vintage-looking patina to modern reproduction hardware.

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