What Are Some Common Dishwasher Problems?


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Here are some common dishwasher problems: dishes still wet after rinsing, dishes don’t get clean, dishwasher making noise, dishwasher won’t drain, bad odor from dishwasher, and rusted cutlery.

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If dishes are still wet after rinsing, load them correctly so that water can drain off freely. Regularly add a rinse aid to the dispenser to improve drying. If necessary, increase the rinse aid setting. Check the temperature of the water; it won’t evaporate if it’s too cold. If dishes are not clean after the first wash, avoid low-quality and damp/old detergent. Use the detergent as recommended. Sort and load dishes so that water can circulate. Use a dishwasher cleaner to get rid of grease and limescale build-up.

A dishwasher can make various odd noises during normal operation. Be concerned only if the dishwasher makes noises, if it sounds like it’s breaking the dishes or if it's forceful. Bad odor from a dishwasher often results from a dirty filter or food particles building up on the sides of the dishwasher. To remove odor, use a dishwasher cleaner and clean the filter. If the dishwasher will not drain, clean the filter and then run the machine again. If this fails, call a dishwasher technician.

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