What Are Some Common Designs of Water Storage Containers?


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Some common designs for water storage containers include gravity tanks, reservoir tanks, and pressure tanks. One especially common design is the water tower, a very tall structure that stands apart from or on top of the building or buildings it supplies water to.

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Gravity tanks are among the simplest and most common water storage designs. Domestic gravity tanks are built directly on top of apartment buildings. Their height allows them to give sufficient water pressure to residents via the force of gravity alone. Often, older gravity tanks are built of wood and shaped like enormous barrels.

Large municipal or industrial versions of these gravity tanks are built out of a tough metal such as steel, and come in a variety of shapes. Flared columns, spheroids, and pillars or vertical standpipes are among the most common.

Reservoir tanks are built level to the ground, and are broader than they are tall. Because they have a low profile, they can blend into the scenery more easily than water towers. Pressure tanks use membranes filled with gas to provide a consistent amount of pressure, regardless of height. They are more common in newer buildings.

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