What Are the Most Common Consumer Complaints About the Super Wave Oven?


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The most common consumer complaints about the Sharper Image Super Wave oven include defective fans, a very short lifespan and poor finishing. Other customers also complain that the oven does not keep food warm and does not come with a proper timing chart. There are also complaints that the appliance is very heavy and that the glass bowl gets too hot, increasing the chances of users getting burned.

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Many reviewers on Amazon complain that the Super Wave oven stops working after a few weeks. Several customers mention that the oven starts off working perfectly, but begins developing problems before shutting down completely after a few days. A number of reviewers mention that the Super Wave oven fans stop working after a few uses.

A few reviewers complain that the Super Wave oven looks and feels cheap and that the overall workmanship is poor. Some customers complain that the indicator lights do not work properly, while others complain that the display labels rub off easily when wiped with a wet cloth.

Other reviewers complain that the cooking times provided in the recipe book are incorrect and that the oven takes longer to cook some foods. Others also complain that food becomes cold very fast after the oven is switched off. Some customers complain that the oven is difficult-to-clean, while others mention having difficulties handling the slippery glass lid.

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