What Are Common Complaints About Nuvo H2O?


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Some Amazon.com reviewers complained that the Nuvo H20 water softening system did not change the hardness of their water. One reviewer noted that after approximately six months he had to get rid of the Nuvo H20 system, clean the coils of his water heater, and install a traditional water softener.

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Most reviewers on Amazon.com complained that the Nuvo H20 system simply did not do anything. For example, some reviewers stated that their clothes were not getting cleaner, dishes still had excessive water spots, their skin was still dry, and the water was not usable as drinking water without a separate filter. Some reviewers also complained about the filters not lasting anywhere near the six months advertised.

Hoever, some reviews on Amazon.com are very positive. Some reviewers stated that the system was easy to install. Additionally, the positive reviewers stated that they saw the residue build-up on their shower heads go away, allowing water to pass through all of the nozzles on the shower head, indicating that the hardness of the water was lowered. Overall, the Nuvo H20 system receives 3.2 out of five stars on Amazon.com. The effectiveness of the product depends on many factors including proper installation and proper maintenance.

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