What Are Some Common Complaints of MyPillow Users?


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Common complaints of MyPillow users include high prices, noise and emission of a strong chemical smell. Other complaints include the pillow being lumpy after washing, having inappropriate shapes after shipping, and being uncomfortable to users.

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MyPillow users on Amazon complain of lumpiness after washing the pillows. Although most users follow the washing guidelines, the pillows shrink and develop lumps, making them uncomfortable. Users complain that the pillow is expensive, considering it is not long-lasting. The pillow also bunches at night and develops gaps, making it uncomfortable.

Users complain that the pillow produces rustling noises that are louder than the standard pillow. One user mentioned that it emits weird noises as the inner filling shifts around the pillow. The size of MyPillow is shorter than a standard queen pillow and the pillows bought on the company's website tend to be flat are additional complaints.

Complaints of a strong chemical smell after buying new pillows are also noted. Although the smell dissipates with time, some users mentioned that they had headaches on the first days of using the pillows. Users find MyPillow uncomfortable and say it causes back and neck problems. The pillows are hard and thin where the shoulders meets the neck, requiring the user to fold the pillow in two.

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