What Are Some Common Complaints About MyPillow?


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Some common complaints about MyPillow include lumpiness after washing, flattening out, producing unpleasant odors, hardening after short period and being noisy. Other complaints include the high prices and taking too long to dry after washing.

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Most customers complaints mention that MyPillow becomes lumpy and uncomfortable to use after a short period. Many mention that this problem arises after washing, even after following the prescribed cleaning instructions. Many customers complain about the after sales services, with most portraying dissatisfaction with the company’s customer service. Numerous customers complain about hardening after a few days of use, with many reporting experiencing neck pain after using the pillows.

Some customers complain about a strong and pungent smell from the pillow, especially when new, with some reporting headaches and breathing problems associated with the same. Many customers complain about the loud noise the pillow produces when turning, with most stating that it is a source of frequent sleep interruptions.

Many customers mention that the prices are exaggerated, and the product does not offer value for money. Others complain about the need to continuously scrunch MyPillow to reshape it for better support. Most customers complain about the overall quality of the pillow, with many mentioning that they would not recommend MyPillow to prospective buyers.

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