What Are Common Complaints About Miracle Method Surface Refinishing?

What Are Common Complaints About Miracle Method Surface Refinishing?

Common complaints about Miracle Method Surface Refinishing include poor workmanship on refinished surfaces, poor customer service and delays in resolving customers' concerns. Other people complain of toxic smells from the company's products and bubbles developing soon after refinishing is done.

Several reviewers on Yelp.com complain that the refinishing on tubs and sinks peels after a few months. One customer complained that the refinished sink started peeling after 5 months. There are also complaints that the refinished surfaces soon develop bubbles, which eventually pop and leave cracks on the surfaces.

Several reviewers also complain about the poor customer service from Miracle Method Surface Refinishing's staff. Other reviewers say that the company's representatives are rude, especially when dealing with customers who have problems with the company's services.

There are also complaints about the Miracle Method Surface Refinishing's technicians, with some reviewers saying that they are intimidating. Other reviewers mention that the technicians leave the house dirty, sometimes even damaging house furnishings.

Several reviewers complain that Miracle Method Surface Refinishing does not reply to customer inquiries, especially after receiving payment. Others mention that the company does little to resolve customer complaints, and often blames the client for problems in the refinished surfaces. Others complain that the company's head office does not respond to complaints from customers who worked with franchisees.