What Are the Most Common Complaints About HardiePlank Siding?

What Are the Most Common Complaints About HardiePlank Siding?

Hardiplank is heavier than vinyl siding so it requires more effort to install. While vinyl siding weights 60 to 70 pounds per 100 square feet, Hardiplank weighs 300 pounds per 100 square feet. Hardiplank needs to be painted at least every 15 years.

Hardiplank siding costs more to install due to its weight and the tools required. Those who are interested in hardiplank siding need to plan to spend 40 percent more than they would spend to install vinyl siding.

Since hardiplank is made from concrete and sand, it is extremely brittle and hard to handle during installation. Many installers plan for some breakage during installation. Special respirators and eye protection must be used due to the high volume of dust created when cutting planks. Special saw blades are required to cut planks to size.

Complicated cuts are harder to do with Hardiplank because a jig saw must be used instead of special clippers such as those used for vinyl siding installation. Many do-it-yourself siding installers choose vinyl because of how hard and heavy Hardiplank is to install and the sheer number of tools required for a proper installation.

Many complaints about Hardiplank arise due to the planks being improperly installed. Overdriven nails or those nailed at an angle can cause siding to deteriorate. Always make sure to follow installation instructions precisely or hire a professional experienced with Hardiplank installation.