What Are the Most Common Colors of Kitchen Appliances?

The most common colors for kitchen appliance are stainless steel, black and a spectrum of white and off-white finishes. However, as of 2015, a growing trend is a return to a wider spectrum of available appliance colors as decorative schemes become more vibrant.

Brightly colored appliances can give a sense of energy to a kitchen. However, there are some things to think about before trading that white refrigerator in for an avocado model. Color dates an appliance, and as trends change, appliances with bright color can make the kitchen look out of style and make those appliances more difficult to sell.

People who want a yellow refrigerator often want a yellow oven and dishwasher but may lack the funds to replace all of the appliances at once. If colors go out of stock, it can be difficult to match appliances in a kitchen that share a unique color. Also, do those yellow appliances match the walls, the flooring and the cabinets, or is a complete overhaul necessary?

When people purchase darker appliances, dents, scratches and fingerprints are more noticeable. White is more durable and never seems to age. In most cases, white appliances are usually the least expensive to purchase.