What Are the Most Common Colors of Granite Slabs?

common-colors-granite-slabs Credit: Steffen Kjær Larsen/CC-BY 2.0

The top five colors of granite, according to Improvenet.com, are white, beige, brown, black and jewel tone. People often use granite slabs in the kitchen, but there are other uses for granite slabs such as bathroom vanities.

White granite can help a kitchen look brighter and larger. White granite slabs look good with metal, white or dark cabinets, and there are a number of white shades on the market. Beige granite allows more flexibility with decor than white. It matches cabinets of all colors, and it works well in traditional or Victorian-style kitchens.

Brown granite slabs look best with light-colored wooden cabinets. This color words well with rustic designs, bringing a homey feeling to the room. Black granite is popular with homeowners who like a striking look in the kitchen, especially when it sits atop or under white cabinets. This color works best in contemporary kitchen designs, and it can provide a jewel-like shine thanks to its natural sparkle.

Jewel tone granite is available in red and green shades, and it brings an exotic look to any kitchen. Since this granite slab already has a lot of color, it is best to match it with cabinets that have muted colors.