What Are Some Common Characteristics of Luxury Bedspreads?


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Luxury bedspreads are characterized by top-quality construction, high-end fabric and top-of-the-line brands. Bedding must be high-quality in materials and workmanship, and fabric must be above-average. Regular cotton, for instance, is unacceptable; Egyptian cotton or an equivalent is necessary. The brand should specialize in luxury bedding, such as Scion or V&A.

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Luxury bedspreads often feature calendaring, a method of fabric finishing used with Egyptian, Pima and other luxury cottons. In the calendaring process, high-end effects such as moiré patterns, embossing, glazing or high-luster details are produced. Core-spun yarns are also a common feature of luxury bedspreads. Their filament base core is wrapped by loose, natural fiber before being twisted into a yarn. Combing is another important element unique to luxury bedspreads. In this process, fibers are meticulously arranged parallel to the removal of any extra short fibers, which results in an end product of superior strength, uniformity and fineness.

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