What Are Some Common Chair Seat Repairs?

What Are Some Common Chair Seat Repairs?

Common chair seat repairs include recaning of wicker chair seats, spring repairs in spring-bottomed chairs, and reupholstery of chairs with fabric-covered seats. Another common repair involves regluing wooden chair joints.

Repair wicker chairs with broken caning by removing the old caning and replacing it. Pay attention to the way the chair is caned, and either follow the original pattern or redesign the chair seat with a new pattern.

Repair a chair seat with worn or torn upholstery by removing the old fabric and replacing it with new fabric. Select upholstery fabric for the best durability, or use vinyl fabric or leather for easy clean-up. Replace the batting under the upholstery, cover the batting with the new fabric, and use a staple gun to attach the fabric to the underside of the chair.

Replace broken springs on a spring-bottomed chair by removing the end clips that hold the springs in place. The clips are held by staples, nails or screws, so remove these with pliers. Replace the broken spring with a new one, and then secure the clips back in place. If the chair also requires reupholstery, consider tackling both projects at once.

Reglue a loose chair joint by first taking apart the joint and scraping off the old glue. This ensures a cleaner, tighter joint. After applying glue, use clamps to hold the joint in place while it dries.