What Are Some Common Bugs Found in Household Basements?


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Some common bugs found in household basements are silverfish, house centipedes and cellar spiders, according to HomeOwnerNet.com. Dark and often moist, basements are an ideal habitat for pests, which carry dangerous diseases and also weaken the foundation of the house.

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Bluish-silver in color and wingless, silverfish resemble fish and have two prominent antennae on their head. Serpentine and nocturnal, a silverfish infestation can be controlled most effectively by hiring a professional.

Rarely seen by humans as they are fast-moving, house centipedes are carnivorous and have long antennae. Centipedes are nocturnal and have poor vision and poison glands. Control methods include setting sticky traps and installing dehumidifiers.

Highly adaptable in nature, cellar spiders have long, thin legs and build loose, tangled webs from which they hang upside down. Harmless in nature, cellar spiders are not dangerous to humans because of their weak mouthparts.

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