Where Are Some Common Blower Motor Resistor Locations?


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Common blower motor resistor locations include behind or under the dashboard, near the blower fan motor or in the area of the passenger footwell. Blower resistors are the parts of a car's heating system that is most likely to fail.

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If a blower motor resistor fails, a car owner can take some troubleshooting steps, such as checking the fuse with a multimeter. If there is power from one end of the fan, but not both, the owner should replace the fuse. If the fuse is fine and the blower motor still does not work, the owner should check the fan relay. The owner should place a finger on the relay and then switch the controls for the fan on and off. If there is clicking, it means the fan relay is working correctly.

The owner can also check the fan for power by turning on the controls and checking the fan with a multimeter. The multimeter can check for voltage, and there must be a 12-volt difference between the terminals of the fan. If there is no power, the owner should suspect a fault in the wiring, and in this case, it requires a repair from an auto electrician. If power is in the terminals, but the fan does not work, the problem lies in the fan itself.

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