What Are Some Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems?

Common bathroom plumbing problems include blocked traps, clogged sinks and stopped up toilets. Weak water pressure emitting from the shower head is also a common bathroom plumbing problem.

To unblock a sink trap, you need to take the sink apart. Place a bowl under the trap in question before unscrewing the washer in a counter-clockwise motion to release the trap. Remove any debris located in the trap, and then wash the unclogged trap in clean water, using an old toothbrush to fully clean the part. Once clean, put the trap back in place and secure it with new washers to prevent leaks in the future.

When unclogging a bathroom sink, take the spring tab out of the drain plug adjustment arm and the ball valve from the sink trap. This makes the pop-up plug removable. Clean any debris located there and reinstall all pieces in the reverse order.

When fixing a stopped up toilet, first try a plunger. If the water continues to drain slowly, the toilet trap or drain may be blocked in a way that the plunger cannot relieve it. Use a snake to clear the blockage. First pull a piece of the snake out of the drum and secure the retaining nut on top of the snake to hold it in place. Place the snake in the toilet and turn the drum to drive it into the waste system and break up the blockage.

To fix weak water pressure in a shower, remove the shower head. Disassemble the head and soak the spray plate in a descaling solution for the time recommended by the manufacturer. Run the water to remove scale from the pipes and reassemble and replace the shower head.