What Are Some Common Balcony Repairs?


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Some common balcony repair include balcony railing and slab repairs. These types of balcony repairs are especially common in buildings that are situated close to the ocean or other humid locations. The water in the air causes the metal railing to rust and expand, which in turn causes the balcony concrete to crack and further deteriorate.

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In order to repair such a problem, the old metal railing is either cut away and replaced by a newer metal section, or the railing is removed entirely and an aluminum or glass mounted rail is installed instead. Protective coatings or rust inhibitors can also be applied to new embedded and mounted railings in order to prolong the life of the metal and the concrete.

Balcony slab deterioration can also be attributed to moisture and salt buildup within the concrete slab. Damage is most commonly found at the edge of the balcony where the balcony's rebar frame has begun to rust, or at the joint between the building and balcony itself. The process to repair balcony corrosion at the edge is generally the same as that required to repair the railing.

However, deterioration at the intersection of the balcony and the building is more likely caused by corrosion of the joint sealants that are used to prevent water from seeping into the balcony's concrete. If the problem is noticed relatively early, then the sealant can be reapplied to the joint to repair the problem. Otherwise, the corroded concrete should be replaced.

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