What Are Some Common Attributes of Victorian Rocking Chairs?

What Are Some Common Attributes of Victorian Rocking Chairs?

Common attributes of Victorian rocking chairs include dark and glossy finish, and colorful upholstery. These chairs are made from high quality hardwoods and have lots of decorative details.

Victorian rocking chairs are made from traditional hardwoods with dark coloring, such as oak, rosewood and walnut. Rosewood was considered superior to walnut and was used in high-end rocking chairs. Oak was associated with traditional English sophistication and taste.

These chairs are very heavy with thick dimensions. They are also overstuffed and have lots of padding for additional comfort. Victorian rocking chairs contain many ornate and decorative details on the wood. Popular styles are old Gothic and Renaissance revival.

The upholstery of Victorian rocking chairs is made from luxurious materials, such as silk, and is very colorful with various patterns and motifs. Popular colors include pink, gold, green and blue. The chairs have dark and glossy finish due to sealants such as lacquer, shellac and varnish, and these sealants produce a high degree of shine on the dark wood.

Victorian rocking chairs have arms that curve outwards for extra comfort. The legs are attached to two curved wooden bands to facilitate the rocking motion. The legs may have an elaborate carved design or decorative style, while the seats could be round, square or shaped like a horseshoe.