What Are Some Common Attachments and Accessories for a Chainsaw?

What Are Some Common Attachments and Accessories for a Chainsaw?

Some common chainsaw accessories include bar covers, chain sharpeners, chainsaw cases and protective gear, as well as wood helpers and accessories for wood storage. Some common chainsaw attachments include tools for milling, specialized cutting, carving and trimming hedges.

ChainSawsDirect.com offers bar-mounted, bench-mounted and universal chainsaw chain sharpeners. The company also sells lifting tongs, log hooks, log horses, log jacks and marking wheels. ChainsawsDirect.com also offers carts, racks and covers for firewood.

Amazon.com and Log Home Store sell protective gear for use with chainsaws, including chaps, helmet systems, boots, jackets and gloves. Amazon.com also offers a stump vise, a grease gun for chainsaws, felling wedges, and chainsaw blade files and file kits.

Log Home Store specializes in cutting and milling attachments for chainsaws. Loggers use chainsaw milling attachments and beam machines to convert logs into lumber, square cut logs, cut out windows and trim roof edges. Beam machines are also useful for edge trimming and ripping larger boards or slabs. Head cutters convert chainsaws into jigsaws, and ripping chains feature both cutting and scoring teeth for faster rips.

Chainsaw carving kits generally contain a carving bar, carving chain, drive sprocket system, drive sprocket bearing and 1/4-inch pitch rim. Many kits also include a bar wrench. Chainsaw brush attachments convert chainsaws into hedge trimmers and are useful for cutting thorny or thick growth.